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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject .htaccess in cgi-bin
Date Sun, 20 Aug 1995 14:38:23 GMT
A while ago, Andrew reported that a .htaccess file like so:

<Limit GET>
# one line commented out, what the hey...

when placed in a ScriptAliased directory, causes core dumps.  I just
put one in my cgi-bin, and it still seems to work; perhaps something
more than the ScriptAlias is required to trigger the bug.  (Some
Options may be involved; there is also the skin-of-teeth possibility
that some OS dependancy is kicking in here).

Andrew, you mentioned at one point trying to run gdb on your own
system to track it down (which isn't terribly hard --- remember to
start the server from with in gdb with "run -X ...", where "..." is
the -f or -d option you usually use for your test configuration, and
just continue past the bogus SIGHUP on startup); have you done
anything more with it?


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