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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject New beta --- another try...
Date Thu, 17 Aug 1995 12:11:49 GMT
Since there seems to be a general desire to get David's two bug fixes
into any new release, I've spun up a sample of what that would look like;
this identifies itself as "Apache/0.8.10x"; it includes David's fix to
the Solaris problem, and my cut-down version of his fix to the      
AllowOverrides bug --- I've tested both, and both work here.

(That includes testing the fix to FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT both with and
without that #define on SunOS; a one-character change was needed to make
it compile without; the empty-macro stub for accept_mutex_init() needs
to take an argument).

Once again, if no SHOW STOPPER problems crop up with this in the next
twenty-four hours, I'd like to release it publically --- please bear in
mind that the release now available to the general public has all of 
these bugs, and...                                  

*) turns a fork bomb if it can't open the scoreboard file
*) won't compile clean on SGI
*) won't compile on anything with -DMAXIMUM_DNS
*) prints some scripts rather than running them with <!--#exec cgi-->
*) loses horribly with POST on A/UX
*) has numerous other problems, some of which result in core dumps...


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