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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Better Solaris fix...
Date Thu, 17 Aug 1995 10:07:28 GMT
  I've just had a response from Merten Schumann
  <> stating that my patch fixed
  his Solaris problems.  The version I mailed to this list had the lock
  file in /usr/tmp rather than /tmp, though.

Sorry... sloppy reading on my part... anyway, if you have confirmation from
a real Solaris user that your patch fixes the problems, then it's clearly the
one to go with.

Re: your patch for the AllowOverride problem --- I'm not sure I understand it.
In particular, it isn't clear why you're just merging the override portion
of the current directory's config, rather than the whole thing (is it to
continue to give whatever else is there the ability to override any .htaccess
file, or is there some other reason?).

[ I'm also not sure of the purpose of some of the changes you made to
  directory_walk --- for instance, the first chunk of your patch shuffles
  around the assignment to the variable core_dir, but it *looks* like it
  winds up with the same value as it had in the base code.  Again, I have
  the awkward feeling I'm missing something... ]


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