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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Second beta release?
Date Wed, 16 Aug 1995 20:00:57 GMT
It's been a week since 0.8.8 was publically released, and we've accumulated
a whole bunch of bug fixes, none of which have made it to the users yet.
We still aren't in shape for a "non-beta" release, and there are still
bugs we need to decide how to fix *best* (including both Rob's ScriptAlias
bug and the file-locking business), but all the same, I think it's time
to start distributing the fixes we have.  So, I'm calling for a vote on
distribution of 0.8.9 plus my scoreboard-locking patch, while we decide
what to do about the rest of this stuff.  My vote on the issue is +1...

I'm not going to put anything up immediately, but if we get sufficient
+1s and no vetoes, I'd like to have something up, say, tomorrow evening.

[ If new fixes do appear subsequently, well, the page does say that
  we may be changing things rapidly, so I think we have that option ;-) 
  What I really want to avoid is the situation we had with the first
  beta, where we're perpetually holding off for a day or two at a time
  ... ]


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