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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: user list
Date Wed, 16 Aug 1995 22:25:39 GMT
> I was thinking along the lines of a list of names and brief descriptions
> e.g.
>   <DT><A HREF="">XXX e-Print Archives</A></DT>
>     <DD>International archive of electronic papers for Physics and more.</DD>
> rather than just,
>   <DT><A HREF=""></A> Apache 0.8.6</DT>
> which I guess is what your list would report.
> I'm sure the lists would compliment each other rather than compete.
> Andy, any problem with that ?

Well, the information's free till the inevitable time comes when sys-admins
screen the HEAD output for hackable clues.  Then the survey will be useless,
cuz noone'll be able to tell who's running what.

[incidentally rob, what *is* Server: LANL/1.0 anyway ;)]

Till then anyone who has the time to burn can write the scripts and host
a survey.

I guess this Apache user's list is more of a list of the prime users, rather
than a complete'ists list like mine will turn out to be.  I don't see
these lists as competing, an I'm certain that I could do nothing about it
if they did ;)

> rob
> --

Oh is it right?  Do all the Movie DB sites run Apache now? 


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