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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject New 0.8.9 candidate build on
Date Sat, 12 Aug 1995 12:32:24 GMT
I've got a new candidate 0.8.9 build on
--- as before, I'm reluctant to put these things on hyperreal until
they've passed group muster.

For the most part, it consists of the patch list I discussed yesterday.
However, as a further despotic atrocity, I tossed in Jim Jaglieski's
core-dump bugfix, and a couple of new minor patches of my own (to follow
immediately); one gets clean compiles on SGIs, the other fixes the oft
reported <!--#exec cgi=""--> compatibility problem (as I understand what
the problem is); I also nuked the bogus #include from mod_cookies.c and
fixed AddAlt (which was broken as AddIcon).

The one thing that this does *not* fix, which we should change one way or
another before public release, is the "Groups #-1" lossage --- would just
changing it to "Groups #32766" fix the problem?  (Don't know, haven't seen
the problem occur...).

Full change list below:

  *) Compiles with -DMAXIMUM_DNS ---- ooops! [Henrik Mortensen]

  *) Nested includes see environment variables of the including document,
     for NCSA bug-compatibility (some sites have standard footer includes
     which try to print out the last-modified date).  [Eric Hagberg/Robert

  *) <!--exec cgi="/some/uri/here"--> always treats the item named by the
     URI as a CGI script, even if it would have been treated as something
     else if requested directly, for NCSA back-combatibility.  (Note that
     this means that people who know the name of the script can see the
     code just by asking for it).  [Robert Thau]

  *) Check if scoreboard file couldn't be opened, and say so, rather
     then going insane [David Robinson]

  *) POST to CGI works on A/UX [Jim Jaglieski]

  *) AddIcon and AddAlt commands work properly [Rob Hartill]

  *) NCSA server push works properly --- the Arena bug compatibility
     workaround, which broke it, is gone (use -DARENA_BUG_WORKAROUND
     if you still want the workaround).  [Rob Hartill]

  *) If client didn't submit any Accept-encodings, ignore encodings in
     content negotiation.  (NB this will all have to be reworked anyway
     for the new HTTP draft).  [Florent Guillaume]
  *) Don't dump core when trying to log timed-out requests [Jim Jaglieski]

  *) Really honor CacheNegotiatedDocs [Florent Guillaume]

  *) Give Redirect priority over Alias, for NCSA bug compatibility
     [David Robinson]

  *) Correctly set PATH_TRANSLATED in all cases from <!--#exec cmd=""-->,
     paralleling earlier bug fix for CGI [David Robinson]

  *) If DBM auth is improperly configured, report a server error and don't
     dump core.

  *) Deleted FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPTS from conf.h entry for A/UX;
     it seems to work well enough without it (even in a 10 hits/sec
     workout), and the overhead for the locking under A/UX is
     alarmingly high (though it is very low on other systems).
     [Eric Hagberg]

  *) Fixed portability problems with mod_cookies.c [Cliff Skolnick]

  *) Further de-Berklize mod_cookies.c; nuke the bogus #include.  [Brian

  *) More improvements to default Configuration for A/UX [Jim Jaglieski]

  *) Compiles clean on NEXT [Rob Hartill]

  *) Compiles clean on SGI [Robert Thau]

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