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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Patches I've seen...
Date Fri, 11 Aug 1995 09:16:11 GMT
While we wait to figure out what to do for the next release, I've been
trying to at least save copies of the patches I see flying by on the mailing
list.  For what it's worth, here's the list of patches I've seen (including
the ones folded into my abortive 0.8.9 release, and *I* *think* everything
I've seen since --- I wasn't saving these up yet when David sent in his
alternative bugfix for the "Alias /foo/ " business, but I'll be happy to
throw that on the pile if I see it again).  NB the list is getting a bit
long; it might be a good idea to put together an interim release including
at least some of the more innoccous bug-fixes as a basis for future work,
to keep configuration management sensible.

Anyway, the list:

patch8.addicon --- Fix AddIcon command [Hartill]
patch8.alias-redir --- Honor Redirect before Alias [Robinson]
patch8.arena --- Nuke Arena bug workaround [Hartill]
patch8.aux-post --- Handle POST to scripts correctly on A/UX [Jaglieski] --- Accept typing suffixes in any order [Guillaume] --- If no Accept-Encodings given, accept any [Guillaume]
patch8.cookies --- Erase mod_cookies compatibility problems [Skolnick]
patch8.dbm_auth --- Don't dump core if dbm auth misconfigured [Thau]
patch8.max-dns --- Compile (at all!) with -DMAXIMUM_DNS [Mortensen]
patch8.more-aux --- Better A/UX default configuration [Jaglieski]
patch8.neg-no-cache --- *really* honor CacheNegotiatedDocs [Guillaume]
patch8.nest-incs --- nested includes get vars of including doc [Hagberg/Thau] --- compile clean on NEXT [Hartill]
patch8.path-trans --- Set PATH_TRANSLATED properly for includes [Robinson]
patch8.scoreboard --- Don't go nuts if we can't open scoreboard file [Robinson]

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