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From (Beth Frank)
Subject Re: Future features
Date Thu, 10 Aug 1995 15:59:12 GMT
> RedirectPermanent (issues a 301 code instead of a 302, since 301 is 
>   "permanent relocation" and 302 is "temporary relocation")  Anyone know
>   which browsers understand 301?
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We're working on getting the Mosaic people to support it by updating
hotlists, informing the user, etc.  We don't have have any firm 
dates yet.  One thing that came out of the discussions was that
they wanted to see the server returning it before they implemented
something on the browser side, so we went ahead an put it in.  I believe
that support for it is on the Mosaic work plan.

		Elizabeth(Beth) Frank
		NCSA Server Development Team

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