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From ozymandias G desiderata <>
Subject A most peculiar SVR4 bug...
Date Thu, 10 Aug 1995 06:42:54 GMT

	This is a very small bug, and I'm almost certain it's UnixWare
specific, but it's got me stumped. In 0.8.8's access_log, I get lines
of the form - - [10/Aug/1995:00:17:26 +5437431481] "GET /ogd/ HTTP/1.0" 200 6768
                                         ^^^^^^^^^^^ -- I don't think
this is right. The timezone it _should_ be outputting is "-0600". What
makes things even odder (in a low-key way) is that I popped get_gmtoff
out of util.c and into a little test program, grabbed the relevant
code from mod_log_common.c, compiled it, and the result was
"-0600". Does anybody have any idea what's going on here? Is it
possible there's something screwy with UnixWare's sprintf? I've tried
changing the format strings from %02ld to %2ld, %2d, and just about
every other possible permutation of that format specifier, and it
doesn't make a difference.
	Oh, and hi. This is my first posting to the list.


ozymandias G desiderata
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