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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: [mSQL] mSQL and Apache HTTP server
Date Wed, 09 Aug 1995 10:01:02 GMT
(Crosspost from the mSQL discussion list)

> does anybody have an authorization module for mSQL and the Apache HTTP server?

I am extending the exsisting mSQL module for Apache 0.8.8 to handle groups 
as well. Should be ready in a few hours I hope. Soak Testing will take some 
time though.

There are two ways of implemeting groups, either by a table for each
group, or one table which lots of username/group pairs. I've opted
for the first, cause it is a lot faster (primary key). Although the
other option is also implemented. Please convince me if this track
is worth persuing as well.

Will post it on the mSQL list as well.

Furthermore (just to keep people informed) I am testing an auth module
which allows anonymous login (just like anon-ftp), with logging of
the 'email address' filled in at the passwd prompt. We simply need 
it (see

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Joint Research Centre of the European Communities, Ispra, Italy

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