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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: More .htaccess tomfoolery...(SIGSEGV BUG)
Date Wed, 09 Aug 1995 00:14:44 GMT
> Andrew --- do you have auth configured for the directory?  If so,
> could you please apply the auth-dbm bug fix which I posted a while
> ago and try again?

Ah well, 0.8.8's mod_auth.c, check_user_access()

    require_line *reqs = (require_line *)reqs_arr->elts;

    register int x;
    char *t, *w;
    table *grpstatus;


    require_line *reqs = reqs_arr ? (require_line *)reqs_arr->elts : NULL;

    register int x;
    char *t, *w;
    table *grpstatus;
    if (!reqs_arr) return DECLINED;
and error_log reports: ...

	[Wed Aug  9 00:11:52 1995] httpd: caught SIGSEGV, dumping core

for a .htaccess of:

	<limit GET POST>
	#require user TIS

wherein there are presumably no 'require'd elements.

Did I interpret the 'if (!reqs_arr) return DECLINED;' line correctly?

> rst

Ay (now going to bed at 1/4 past midnight)

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