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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: problem with nested includes?
Date Tue, 08 Aug 1995 23:19:41 GMT
> I have a file with nested includes in it and the file is definitely being
> read, and is not having the directives evaluated... are nested includes
> broken intentionally in apache 0.8.8 :-(  ? Or is it just me?
> The file that contains the nest has:
> <!--#include virtual="/" -->
> and DocumentRoot/ has:
> <!--#config timefmt="%h %d, 19%y at %T" -->
> <cite>Last modified:
> <!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED" -->.</cite><p>
> And there are .htaccess files specifying that .inc (in the document root)
> and the file containing the "#include" are to be parsed for includes.
> And the setup works fine with apache_0.7.3k, but with apache_0.8.8 the
> file _is_ read, but not parsed... or at least I get no date
> info out of it... of course, if I just paste the contents of
> into the file where I want the timestamp, it works... but that still leaves
> me wondering why the included file isn't parsed.
> Hope I haven't just made some stupid error, but the 0.7.3k version of
> apache handles this, so I don't think so.
> Ideas? Thanks,

Uuuh,  try making BOTH files u+x:

	chmod u+x the_file.html
	chmod u+x DocumentRoot/

that's if you're using the -DXBITHACK mods to indicate that the files
are to be parsed.

The alternative is to add the directive

   XBitHack Full

to the .htaccess governing these pages, or more globally

   XBitHack Full

in the conf/access.conf

Then again you could tell the server that .inc files are really like
.shtml files (I don't use this notation but it's a directive to indicate
that the server should parse these files) in srm.conf

   AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .shtml

As ever:


which on current form is very unlikely.

You know, this could probably be the start of another compatibility note,


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