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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Announce: NCSA HTTPd 1.5b2
Date Tue, 08 Aug 1995 18:39:31 GMT

Sorry for the extended time between 1.5b1 and 1.5b2, but there were a lot
of little errors, and some other minor problems.

Feel free to pick up the new beta from the same place as beta 1,

We are still attempting to keep up with the HyperNews pages, so feel
free to post your problems, gripes, requests, etc. there.

We are not making a patch available for this version since it was 
so big (the patch was over 100k)


>From the CHANGES file:

Fixes for 1.5 Beta 2
*) To fix AddType .cgi completely, now has a single virtual path for
   any method to a "standard document" and checks just before sending
   if the method is valid for the document type.
*) General code reorganization, including renaming of scripts to cgi
   and removing all method specific files, and creating an http_send
   for the new general case
*) Moved all non-security compile time options to config.h
*) Support for profiling the code added
*) A/UX, SVR4, SCO3 support updated
*) New type of process title changing subroutine added, and made a compile
   time option
*) Collapsed number of malloc()'s for performance
*) DBM support now properly #define'd
*) Duh, always initialize url/args/filename
*) fixed multihome support to allow more than 2 entries
*) fixed access control
*) log missing user attempt - Gioacchino La Vecchia (
*) explicitly allow or disallow certain server configuration directives
   in virtual hosts
*) strip ending / on document root at configuration time
*) stat filesystem for .htaccess files instead of checking failure of fopen()
   for speed improvement
*) change order of mime initialization to get actual location of file first
*) missing LF in redirect message from die()
*) actually log the error message if using an error document for 500 errors
*) close more file descriptors on errors
*) make separate content_type variables for type as sent and type of reply
*) allow Connection header to be made into a CGI variable
*) fix signal handling during CGI 
*) Only shutdown(sd,0) to disallow receives not sends and receives
   This fix was for OSF/1 2.0, but may fix AIX problems of garbling ends
   of images
*) attempt to lessen the number of fflush()'s called during a transaction
*) move local variables that might be clobbered by setjmp/longjmp
*) call tzset on all systems
*) log errno on some errors
*) log which URL is being aborted or timing out
*) Keberos fixes
*) Multiple referer ignore added
*) Probably some I've missed

 Brandon Long		"I think, therefore I am Confused." - RAW
 HTTPd/SDG/NCSA/UIUC  "Here's a nickel, kid.  Get yourself a better computer."			-"Dilbert" by Scott Adams 6-24-95	Consider myself properly disclaimed.	

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