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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject patch roundup...
Date Tue, 08 Aug 1995 12:27:16 GMT
I had wanted to take a couple of days off from building Apache
releases, but with patches flying by, I figure I should at *least*
acknowledge receipt of the ones I've gotten and have no problem with.
Here's my current TODO list for the next ship... I hope no one has
a problem with these.  (NB I've got no problem with two out of three
of the patches David's given me; I do have a problem with the
PATH_INFO patch, which I've discussed under separate cover).

*) Alias/Redir patch from drtr.

*) More A/UX patches from Jim Jaglieski.

*) "Line 185" bug in mod_auth_dbm.c --- don't dereference requires pointer
   until sure it's non-NULL.

*) mod_cookies.c has portability problems --- <sys/timeb.h>, ftime()
   It's an experiment anyway, at this point.  Sigh...
   [Eric Hagberg] --- fix now available from Cliff Skolnick.

*) Scoreboard bugfix from drtr.

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