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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: problem at Cardiff is back
Date Mon, 07 Aug 1995 10:07:19 GMT
   Date: Mon, 7 Aug 95 10:23:21 BST
   From: Andrew Wilson <>
   Precedence: bulk

   [/tmp/htwhatever.nnnn getting munged]
   > Hmmm... and no one might have done it manually (in the name of
   > housekeeping), I take it...
   > rst

   Couldn't the scoreboard be kept in SERVER_ROOT/logs/ or somewhere
   less likely to get bombed by random clean-up code?  I quite like the
   idea of having all the logfiles and conf stuff in the same area.
   Using /tmp for storing status of long running processes grates a bit
   for me.

I think I first suggested this a few days ago, when people were
flaming about security problems with people messing around with the
scoreboard.  It's probably a good idea.  I just don't want to hold up
getting something out the door for it...


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