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From (Florent Guillaume)
Subject Re: New Apache Page
Date Thu, 03 Aug 1995 20:22:18 GMT
> As for the gray bars...Cuuum-on!  These are 180 *bytes*.
> If that is really causing problems downloading... you should 
> upgrade that 1200 baud modem.  
> Do people surfin with Lynx really *care* how it looks without
> horizontal bars?

I'm mostly religious at this point, but why not use something that's
cheaper and has nearly exactly the same effect ?

Also, I have a fast connection to the internet (at my university), but
still I'm in Europe, and another connection to the USA to open is still
some delay.  You have to use transatlantic connections all the time to
really know what it is.

(Note: you can use WIDTH= and HEIGHT= as arguments to IMG, which helps
Netscape doing its display even when the image has not yet begun to
load.  It's even in the HTML 3.0 draft, and it sure speeds things up
with Netscape.  I would strongly suggest to put something like
<IMG SRC="images/apache_new.gif" ALT=" " WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=148> at the top
of the page.)

Anyway, this HTML design business could take us days, let's not forget
the release.  And I should begin writing a new extended negotiation
module anytime now.


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