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From (Robert S. Thau)
Date Wed, 02 Aug 1995 15:58:45 GMT
  scoreboard_image[i].pid can be equal to the parent pid.
  Is it safe to do a waitpid on yourself ?

Yes --- it returns ECHILD.  (In any case, waitpid() is only used by
the scoreboard code when it is trying to restart, which doesn't sound
like it was happening in your case --- the rest of the time it is always
an ordinary wait(), via the function wait_or_timeout, which sets a 
handler for alarms as well to get out of it).

  I have MaxClients 4 on my own workstation, and the first 5
  coreboard pids get set to the parent pid, the rest are 0.

They get set this way *after the children are running*?  That would be

  Incidentally, the scoreboard file can take 150 pids, but I only 
  need 4, so there's some wastage there.

Total size of the file is 1200 bytes... IMHO, not worth paring down.
(If we went to a more complete scoreboard, with information on requests
in progress, etc., things would be different).


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