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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Vote change...
Date Wed, 30 Aug 1995 18:00:50 GMT
It seems that in order to veto a patch, you are at least
obligated to apply it.

For the reasons I stated, this *needs* to get in .12 so that it
can be tested to avoid possible problems in the next round. There
are some other patches to conf.h and util.c which could be
conflicts. As I said, I would be happy to roll this release if
it would make it any easier on you.

>   Anyway, I think my patch this morning together with the change to conf.h
>   fixes it finally.
> Maybe so, but the way this process is supposed to work is that we all 
> look at and vote on *the patches that are candidates for inclusion*, not
> some variants of them.  Your new patch may be the bee's knees, but I
> haven't examined it yet, I won't have time to, and it certainly isn't
> what I voted on originally.
> If we leave 0.8.11 as an interim internal release anyway, then it seems
> to me by far the best to hold this thing over, until the rest of us have
> had a chance to give it proper consideration.
> rst

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