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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Vote change...
Date Wed, 30 Aug 1995 17:31:39 GMT
As I said in previous mail...

The current version is known to work. It is next to impossible to
integrate portability changes without some adjustments. Since
this release is not going to be public, I don't see what the big
deal is about accepting it so that we can work the kinks out of
the next patch round.

This patch does not create a problem that anyone in this group
should not be able to deal with. How about a little flexibility
on this Rob?

> I mentioned before that I was considering changing my vote on
> to a -1 *for this round*, because the patch itself
> kept changing.  Also, Randy had promised earlier to withdraw it if his
> version of this morning turned out to have problems, which I believe
> it did, though he hasn't formally done so yet.
> The reason I'm changing the vote is that my former +1 vote was for an
> earlier version, which had problems I wasn't aware of, and not the
> current one, which I haven't had the chance to examine or test at all
> --- I'm afraid I've lost track of which it is.  At any rate, the fact
> that the BSD folk are still debating over which version to use is some
> kind of a sign that it isn't ready for integration with the main
> code base yet.
> So, with all that, I'm vetoing it *for this round*.  Hopefully,
> sometime soon, there will be a version of this thing which has
> consensus support from among the interested parties, and at that time,
> of course, I won't block it...
> rst

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