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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Votes for 0.8.12...
Date Wed, 30 Aug 1995 04:31:28 GMT

> I may well be missing something here, but if my reading of this
> paragraph is correct, Randy's approach can be made to work as follows:
> #ifdef BSD_4_4
> #if BSD_4_4 > 0.5
>                 sprintf(tag,"%qd",finfo.st_size);
> #else
>                 sprintf(tag,"%ld",finfo.st_size);
> #endif /* *real* BSD_4_4 */
> #else
> 		sprintf(tag,"%ld",finfo.st_size);
> #endif
> This will, of course, win no prizes for elegance or concision;
> however, if it will in fact work on all BSD-oid systems, I'd much
> prefer it.  The advantage is that it doesn't involve messing around
> much with the rest of the code, including the config defines for
> systems which we don't necessarily have (and which I *really* don't
> want to mess with until post-1.0, at which point conf.h clearly does
> deserve serious rework).
> rst

That won't work, but the following will. The preprocessor
complains about floating point numbers in #if with the above
directives. Anyone know *who* decided to put that in sys/param.h?

#if BSD
#if BSD > 199305
#endif /* *real* BSD4_4 */

I'll update the patch in the morning if that's OK.

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