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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: NEXTSTEP bug fixes (fwd)
Date Tue, 29 Aug 1995 21:16:11 GMT
> Brian B wrote,
> > Remember, .12 doesn't have to be an external release.  
> So what's it going to be ?
> Does David's veto on the likely .12 candidate being publically
> released count for anything ? *if* we're being democratic then it should,
> and the current discussion on what will happen to .12 is at an end.
> How about if in addition to voting on the patches, we also vote on
> on public release, if rejected, the release stays internal.
> if acceptable, my vote is,
> -1 on a public release of .12 without the NeXT fix
> +1              "              with        "

I guess I too was not aware that a public release was not

Should we be including a vote for release/no-release?

It is difficult to make these small shifts in policy to
allow things like the NEXT patch. Sh*t, I have never even
been on a NEXT, however I do think that this patch is one of the 
only things that could keep this release from being ready
to go public...

(sending my votes as soon as I get home to my more usable

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