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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject anyone seen this symptom ?
Date Fri, 25 Aug 1995 09:01:42 GMT

does this ring any bells ?

A friend of mine can't get his CGI to work with POST, when the CGI
is written in C.

Forwarded message:
> Well I have done a whole lot of testing this morning.
> The odd thing is that 0.6.5 works but 0.8.11 doesn't
> BUT only with C porgrams.
> My post-query perl script and otehr perl scripts work fine with
> 0.8.11.
> It is as if the environment variable that contains the data never
> arrived but is not empty and the program just continues until it dies
> and you get a no data output.  The program does NOT terminate as temp
> files are not removed.
> I have switched back to 0.6.5 at the moment to see if it was that and it
> was.....  All very odd.

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