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From Roy Fielding <>
Subject More news
Date Thu, 24 Aug 1995 15:16:36 GMT
Please let me know what you think and I'll shape the answers
into a respectable reply.


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	Have been watching your many posts to the various HTTP lists
	and recently "discovered" the Apache HTTP server project you're 
	associated with.  I have a few questions vis a vis Apache I hope you'll
	not mind answering.

	First, how did the Apache team get together?  Will you 
	"admit new members"?

	Secondly, as you can tell from the address, my company
	is in the news business.  But, right now we find ourselves
	in the software business, too - a slightly uncomfortable
	position.  We're in there, though, because we perceived a
	technology need, without which our news strategy would fail.
	(God, it might fail anyway!)  So we developed a service (in
	the client/server sense) that supports user-authentication,
	user-profiling and usage-verification across independent
	HTTP servers, in a manner that allows all the relevent 
	information to be kept by the independent servers, not a 
	central repository -- sort of like BIND name service, actually.
	This allows a distributed set of users to access a "universe"
	of content without having to register at all sites.  We call
	the service "Clickshare".  I will be very up-front and tell
	you that one opportunity of providing this service is that
	it enables "micro-billing" on a per-hit basis if desired.  
	We are finding that the journalism community is interested in
	this as a future revenue path, over and above (or indeed instead
	of) ad subsidy.

	We want content providers to use this service, but our goal
	is to enable small new media people in addition to the big
	boys.  So, we want to keep our HTTP server (the interface to
	the Clickshare service) free, but "licensed" so that we can
	provide support, etc.  Our work is currently based on the 
	1.4.2 NCSA HTTPD which, as you know, will have a new copyright
	(not free) at 1.5.  This is counter to our goals, and thus
	we are interested in Apache - which seems to have taken up
	the mantle of the "free server" concept.

	I am writing you to gauge your interest in having us migrate
	to Apache from HTTPD 1.4.2 (instead of 1.5).  One sub-benefit
	of our doing so would be that our company would become another
	tester and developer for your team.  Another sub-sub-sub-benefit
	would be that we'd associate our name with your's . Further, I
	want to get your interest in having the Clickshare API put in the normal
	distribution of Apache as an option that could be enabled or
	disabled via a compile-time "define".  

	I look forward to hearing from you.  And, the very best of
	luck with your effort.

Dave Oliver

PS: our URL is

| David Oliver                          |
| Managing Director-Technology                Newshare Corporation |

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