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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject Re: hold the next release
Date Sat, 19 Aug 1995 20:10:22 GMT

On Sat, 19 Aug 1995 10:46:34 EDT, (Robert S. Thau) wrote:

} However, this particular item, while clearly a bug, does not constitute
} a regression for anybody --- plenty of people are making good use of   
} 0.8.8 on Solaris (I've got one right down the hall from me), even with
} this behavior, however undesirable, still there in the server.  In the
} meantime, we have had a *vast* improvement on 0.8.8 in hand for nearly
} a week now, and we keep sitting on it while people all over the net
} report bugs which we have already fixed, over and over and over.  In my
} view, a world in which 0.8.10 is released in its current condition is       
} better than a world in which *nothing* is released while we keep up the
} endless round of "come on, it's just this one simple thing..." (does
} anyone doubt there will be another tomorrow morning?)

Fine, then release.  One think we may wish to do is keep a
running patch list for users to see.  That way we can stop
at least some of the bug report for people who bother to read.
} I'm also not entirely sure about this "fix" --- if there's some other
} system on which ferror() screws up, it wouldn't be the strangest thing
} yet we've seen out of A/UX.  

If ferror() is busted the OS is seriously busted, it
is an easy thing to test for.  If you are scared I guess you
could do a !feof() instead.  I just think this reason being
concerned is lame.  After all read() may be broken on some OS
so we should not use it...arg...ferror() is POSIX.

} In my view, we should get 0.8.10 out the door now, as is, and put this
} fix (along with many other fixes, already in hand, to bugs which affect
} more people) into 0.8.11.
} PS --- Cliff, would it have killed you to do a context diff?

Rarely do I post something which is not a diff.  Unfortunately I hosed
a bunch of files durring the fixing with tons of debuging crap.  It
was early in the AM and I thought it would be best to do the cleanup
when I was more awake.  Since it was only one line I though people
could handle it.  It was 1 of two fread() calls in the source file
so it was not hard to find.


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