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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Alias problem
Date Fri, 18 Aug 1995 13:05:52 GMT
> No, 0.8.9 (and 0.8.10) reorders Redirect and Alias, but does nothing
> about ScriptAlias.  

Another alternative to my earlier Alias idea..

Have a module to translate Alias/Redirect/ScriptAlias at a very early
stage, then mark the connection has having had A/R/S applied to it, so
the Redirect code can just look at a flag to decide whether to redirect,
likewise for scripts.

I haven't delved deep enough into the code to see if there's a fundamental
problem with that idea, but it sounds feasible and far more flexible
than having different modules check for different types of Alias. It
should also be easy to then add new types of alias, e.g.

NoChecksAlias  /icons/  /usr/local/httpd/icons/

where no .htaccess files are examined on route to this directory... go 
straight to it and start from there.


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