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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: user list
Date Wed, 16 Aug 1995 15:52:06 GMT
> Well, the information's free till the inevitable time comes when sys-admins
> screen the HEAD output for hackable clues.  Then the survey will be useless,
> cuz noone'll be able to tell who's running what.

You could determine the server from header characteristics
if you were persistent enough.

> [incidentally rob, what *is* Server: LANL/1.0 anyway ;)]

{ -> LANL/1.0 }

The powers that be at the lab made the decission to opt for
an in-house server.

This was early on in the www game, and they never got wise to the
fact that they were reinventing the wheel, then constantly playing
catchup as the wheel rolled down the hill in front of them.

They were looking at Apache a few weeks ago. I've done my best to
educate them  :-)

> I guess this Apache user's list is more of a list of the prime users,

people will ask to be on the list, so riff raff will be inevitable.

> Oh is it right?  Do all the Movie DB sites run Apache now? 

Not quite. The Korean mirror has yet to come out of the dark ages.


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