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From Roy Fielding <>
Subject Re: Content Negotiation - User_Agent:
Date Sun, 13 Aug 1995 19:31:28 GMT
>(I'm guessing that the "1.1" draft describing the new stuff would come
>out not too many weeks after the 1.0 draft RFC was originally
>scheduled, but that is a guess --- I confess I haven't followed the
>Byzantine gyrations of the working group's procedures closely enough
>to claim expert knowledge).

The 1.0 BCP draft is already done -- I just need to generate the formats.
The discussion should be amusing.  :)

The 1.1 proposed standard is just what we were calling 1.0 last week,
and will be pushed out the door sometime this week for another round of
review.  Assuming the WG will let me get away with a certain amount
of tyranny in insisting that nothing we haven't already decided to be
needed be allowed in 1.1, then that should be done in a few weeks
and off to the IESG for final comments.

1.2 (keep-alive and the generic extension mechanism) will be a hairball,
but it shouldn't take more than a couple months to cough that up
even if the other drafts go awry.

In fact, if the URI WG stays quiet, I may get all three done by the
end of this month.  [not likely, but wishing never hurts...]


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