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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Patches I've seen...
Date Fri, 11 Aug 1995 09:58:06 GMT
> NB the list is getting a bit
> long; it might be a good idea to put together an interim release including
> at least some of the more innoccous bug-fixes as a basis for future work,
> to keep configuration management sensible.

Is the following okay with everyone ?..  
  Rob T can implement the patches below, call it 0.8.9, then release it.
  We revert back to a patch-and-vote system.

I've got some feature ideas I might want to play with soon, and the
voting scheme is better suited to deciding which are worthwhile and
which aren't.

BTW, I think we need some tighter error checking in places. When trying
to compile on a NeXT yesterday I finally got the thing to run, checked
a couple of URLs then issued "kill"s to the processes and logged out...

An hour or so later someone found apache running and the error log had 
swallowed 400Mb of diskspace writing the same message over and over 
and over.... Unfortunately I didn't make a mental note of the 
message before nuking the log.

> Anyway, the list:
> patch8.addicon --- Fix AddIcon command [Hartill]
> patch8.alias-redir --- Honor Redirect before Alias [Robinson]
> patch8.arena --- Nuke Arena bug workaround [Hartill]
> patch8.aux-post --- Handle POST to scripts correctly on A/UX [Jaglieski]
> --- Accept typing suffixes in any order [Guillaume]
> --- If no Accept-Encodings given, accept any [Guillaume]
> patch8.cookies --- Erase mod_cookies compatibility problems [Skolnick]
> patch8.dbm_auth --- Don't dump core if dbm auth misconfigured [Thau]
> patch8.max-dns --- Compile (at all!) with -DMAXIMUM_DNS [Mortensen]
> patch8.more-aux --- Better A/UX default configuration [Jaglieski]
> patch8.neg-no-cache --- *really* honor CacheNegotiatedDocs [Guillaume]
> patch8.nest-incs --- nested includes get vars of including doc [Hagberg/Thau]
> --- compile clean on NEXT [Hartill]
> patch8.path-trans --- Set PATH_TRANSLATED properly for includes [Robinson]
> patch8.scoreboard --- Don't go nuts if we can't open scoreboard file [Robinson]

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