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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject More on the SIGSEGV errors
Date Fri, 11 Aug 1995 13:35:19 GMT
I've noticed that in the error logs, a 'read timed out' error is posted at
the exact same time as the SIGSEGV error (and the read is logged 1st)...

Not sure if the SEGV signal is what caused the read time-out or if, somehow,
the read time-out results in the seg-fault.

I managed to get a core dump, but it was pretty useless, pointing to
gettimeofday() which itself was in the shared libs. I've since recompiled
with static libs to see what we can see. I will also fool around with
'gld' and try, eventually, to recompile with text loaded at 0x0 and see
if it's a compiler/loader problem or an actual code problem (as a reminder,
if I compile with an older version of 'gcc' that uses 'ld', which maps
the text segment to 0x0, I don't see the errors, but using a newer
gcc with 'gld' which maps text to 0x4000, and maps page 0 as unreadable
to catch NULL references, I do).
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