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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Status of Apache 0.8.8 on
Date Fri, 11 Aug 1995 00:41:23 GMT
Well, so far Apache has been working admiriably(sp?)... We're still averaging
about 1hit/sec and no substantial load to be seen. Now that may be
chicken feed for some sites, but's it's heavy for us.

However, I have noticed one strange thing. If I use apache compiled with
gcc/gas/gld, every hour or so httpd catches a SIGSEGV. However, if I
use a version compiled with gcc/gas/ld (i.e. regular 'ld' not GNU's), I
don't observe any. Now one thing that's different between the 2 loads
is that text segments are placed at 0x0 with regular 'ld' and at 0x4000 with
gld (with page 0 mapped as no access). This seems to me to point to a
reference to NULL somewhere in the code... Shame that although httpd _says_
it's dumping core, it doesn't, so I can't find out for sure...

PS: NCSA 1.5b2 also exhibited SIGSEGV faults as well.
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