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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Idea for release...
Date Sat, 05 Aug 1995 13:14:27 GMT
> So, an idea --- instead of replacing the current project page with
> Randy's new one immediately, put a *pointer* to it on the *current*
> home page, labeling it "beta release of new code base", or something
> like that; also, put caveats on the new page on status, and say that
> we anticipate further 0.8.x releases for bugfixes only, culminating in
> something we feel comfortable advertising (while beginning a new 0.9.x
> series of development releases culminating in a 1.0).
> I'm prepared to do this, and send an announcement, tomorrow if no one
> seriously objects (IMHO, it's a much better idea than having anything
> 0.8.attainable-soon as our only current release).


I think enough outsiders have shown that they are prepared to
scavenge around to get a new Apache, and to hell with th consequences,
that we should at least make it easier to find, but with more
obvious WARNINGS posted on it.


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