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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: So, where do we stand?
Date Thu, 03 Aug 1995 03:51:43 GMT
> I came back tonight to check for yesterday's problem. No sign of it.
> There's no point waiting for it to happen again, so lets launch.
> Is it worth numbering it 0.9 for release ?.. it might give people
> an idea that it's closing in on being our first non-beta, and it draws
> an obvious line between released (0.9+) and pre-release (0.8*) stuff.
> I bet Rob's sick of these little rebuilds, so it's understandable if
> the number stays as is, it's no big deal.
> rob

In order to give some of the mirror sites a chance to grab copies
before the announcement, we should probably roll with 0.8.6. I had
the same thoughts as I was updating the web pages to reflect the
release.  Anybody have any new docs?  Looks like we will be
scrambling to pull some of this together over then next day or so...

I made some changes to the top page. Check out
Shoot me if you don't like it.  I need to do some image cleanup in the
morning as I have some rather ragged edges.

We can probably release with 0.9 in a week or so after handling
a few bugs....

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