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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: So, where do we stand?
Date Wed, 02 Aug 1995 17:09:22 GMT
>    If the server eats dogfood on account of Joe Random Web-admin's setting
>    a configuration value too low ( RobH's MAX servers << HARD_SERVER_MAX )
>    then I could live with that provided the conf files carried a stong notice
>    to the effect of 'DONT PRESS THIS BUTTON'.  Ideally of course the server
>    should just NEVER let itself get into that position in the first place.
> Could you and Rob discuss this off-line?  He has vehemently argued
> that he wants to be able to screw himself in precisely this fashion.
> (WRT MaxClients, the strong notice you ask for is present already).

Wasn't it Brian's comments which got this into Apache ?. I remember
*asking* for it and having the request turned down. Oh dear, this
could slide into dangerous territory. Forget I wrote it.

The configurable MAX stops the server from screwing the OS, and is a
good thing IMO.

Any problems I've had were not caused by screwing myself with a low
MAX, unless the code to handle non-default MAX settings is buggy.


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