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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Stuff in my sandbox...
Date Tue, 01 Aug 1995 08:35:40 GMT
> Also, Cliff's bug report does worry me a bit; it's possible that this is
> just the Netscape reload brain-death (if NetScape does a reload, it sends
> both If-Modified-Since and Pragma: no-cache, and expects the latter to
> negate the effect of the former.  

This is not a bug in Netscape, just an annoying feature, in that no
type of reload can be sent without the i-m-s. Sending both is perfectly
reasonable.. it lets the client resync with the original server.

> With the current release, it probably
> doesn't, so depending on what headers are passed along, the cache may get
> a 304 reply which it wouldn't like very much.  This is *probably* easy to
> fix, and I could toss it in easily).

I believe that Roy said that end servers are not supposed to take any
notice of the Pragma: no-cache.

Earlier NCSA and Apache code certainly didn't check Pragma: no-cache, so
I think the problem must be elsewhere.

> On names... I *really* dislike AbsMaxServers, because (as I've said) just
> having it there invites people to set it too low, and all too many of them
> have shown that they will take up the invitation.  If you don't like
> MaxClients, how about MaxConnections?  (What I want is for the name to
> convey immediately, to someone who is too lazy to read anything else, that
> setting this number too low will screw the server --- MaxServers looks too
> much like things will run slower, but they'll still run).
> rst


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