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From (Eric Hagberg)
Subject Re: New Shambhala spin...
Date Mon, 10 Jul 1995 14:56:12 GMT
Haven't had the chance to test it but... could the following be changed in
the conf.h file, so that A/UX compiles work?

#elif defined(AUX)
#define BSD
#undef NO_KILLPG
#undef NO_SETSID
#define JMP_BUF sigjmp_buf

(ie, get rid of the NEED_STRDUP and add the JMP_BUF definition)

Also, my compiling uses the following in the Makefile:

# For A/UX
EXTRA_LIBS= -l44bsd -lresolv -lbsd -lposix



Eric Hagberg                       Phone: 212-746-6387
User Services Manager, CUMC/OAC    Fax:   212-746-8161

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