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From Matthew Gray <>
Subject Re: mod_cgi nph bug fix
Date Thu, 13 Jul 1995 13:42:49 GMT
> Only one that I can see --- alloc.c never waits for kill_nevered
> processes, so there is the chance that zombies might start piling up.
> In my sandbox, this is (hopefully) fixed by adding a new kill
> condition, just_wait, which is exactly like kill_never except that the
> parent process *does* wait for the child.

Oops :-).  I read the end of alloc.c as "if (p->kill_how == kill_never) 
waitpid..." :-)  A just_wait condition sounds good.

> Thanks.  The pity is that these probably won't get the extensive
> testing of some of the other stuff, because most of us hate the
> feature, but I'll be happy to toss them into the next major spin.
> Still, any chance you'll have time to toss in RefererIgnore?

Fortunately loggers are relatively simple.  I'll try to get 
RefererIgnore into the referer_log module by Sunday so it can show up in 
the release.


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