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From "David J. Hughes" <>
Subject Re: namelookups and databases
Date Wed, 26 Jul 1995 03:56:36 GMT

On Tue, 25 Jul 1995, Randy Terbush wrote:

> David, after my experience with Postgres, I am planning to bring
> up mSQL give it a go on the same task. Knowing you are working on
> the same thing, perhaps we should pull together...

Sounds good to me.  You can see a _very_ early version of the code with 
not much data loaded (only a few days in Jun 1995) at

> Two things I have liked about Postgres that I did not find
> in mSQL are no need for table keys, and unlimited (or large)
> row lengths. I know you planned to implement the later.

You don't have to have a key on a table in mSQL (but it does help).  In 
this situation a key isn't that good an idea anyway.  Something like 
"give me the number of hits per page for every page on the 2 July 1995" 
doesn't gain anything from having a primary key.  The only primary key 
would be the combination of the date and the URL which doesn't help if 
you do a "select URL,hits from data where date = 'some date'".

As for mega length fields and rows, I'm about to start on a major redesign 
of mSQL that will take it up into the realm of the bigger boys (including 
multiple keys, secondary index support, faster data handling, light 
weight transactions etc). 

> BTW - I am logging a nonstandard format file. I have changed
> the date to be an integer+microseconds which could easily be
> used as the key. I have also changed the log to be TAB separated
> to be more easily digestible for the parsing program.

OK, mine uses CLF and only logs hits to html pages (doesn't log inline 
gif images, redirects, errors etc).

I'll be working on it more over the next week or so.  When I have 
something of use I'll get back to the list.


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