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From "David J. Hughes" <>
Subject Re: Things I'd like before first ship...
Date Mon, 10 Jul 1995 23:35:31 GMT

On Mon, 10 Jul 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:

> *) A configuration script which allows people to pick and choose
>    optional modules.  (This would have to rewrite modules.c, which is
>    trivial --- basically, two copies of the list of configured modules
>    in slightly different formats.  It would also have to arrange for
>    the right set of mod_*.o files to be built by the Makefile; that
>    would be somewhat easier if we can count on any reasonable make to
>    support the same sort of 'include' directive, but BSDI appears to
>    insist on being the odd man out *again*, so it looks like rewriting
>    the Makefile is the only way for it to work.  Shell and awk are
>    probably the tools of choice --- *old* awk).

I'll take this one if you like.  As for Makefiles, I ended up putting 
together a very simple Makefile generation package for mSQL.  It's a 
simple setup that allows inclusiong of system definitions and other 
things (without the need for a make that supports includes).  If you want 
to have a look, mSQL can be found on in /pub/Minerva/msql.  
The makefile generation stuff is handled by the stuff in the makegen 


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