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From "David J. Hughes" <>
Subject Re: group doing SSL in Apache... let 'em know what's coming? [Randy Terbush <>] (fwd)
Date Fri, 07 Jul 1995 07:25:09 GMT

> I think that we should.  One of the "down-under" members of our list,
> David Hughes, ( should be aware of Shambhala, and
> has mentioned that he is aquainted with the chaps working on the SSL
> stuff.  If he does not ACK this message, we should probably be more
> agressive.

I sent a message to the list about this earlier (can't recall if I saw it 
come out though so maybe it didn't make it).   I'll have a chat to the 
guys about Shambhala and see what they think.  Shouldn't be hard to 
convince them to look into it.  If I get a chance I may even look at it 
myself (I'm helping with the ftp and telnet SSL stuff at the moment so I 
have an idea of how it hangs together).


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