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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Stuff in my sandbox...
Date Tue, 01 Aug 1995 01:35:52 GMT
On Mon, 31 Jul 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:
> Here's what's in my sandbox for the next Apache spin... I'm willing to
> take stuff out, if people have gripes.  I'd like to produce a release
> candidate very soon; I'm hoping (perhaps unreasonably, but it has been
> a *while*) that the next thing I produce will be something we can all
> try for 24 hours and then announce.

I'll commit to this too.  As for the numbering, I say we

1) release as 0.8.5
2) fix bugs as they appear, and include new modules with the distribution 
   as 0.8.x (x > 5) 
3) complete the enhancements of the API (as per Cliff's suggestions, to 
   make it have more AddHandler-ish functions - the onus is on him to 
   work on it) as 0.9
4) more incremental bug fixes, /cgi-src enhancements, perhaps 
   runtime administrative interfaces which read the process scoreboard, 
   etc. at 0.9.x
5) When we're all happy, APACHE 1.0


> However, there is at least one thing that we may want to deal with
> before the release about which I've done *nothing* yet, which is the
> MaxClients/AbsMaxServers/whatever mess.  We have at least two active
> candidate names for this thing (the two listed explicitly); I've heard
> no reaction to the MaxClients idea yet.  At this point, I'm just as
> happy to leave it for the inevitable bugfix release in a few weeks,
> but I'm not sure *that's* the consensus either.  Sigh...

"AbsMaxServers" makes the most sense to me.  To me, this is important to 
have in a config file, simply because there are situations where changing 
this quickly might be important - like if I know Hyperreal was going to 
be doing some nasty memory-intensive database stuff one evening and 
wanted to keep this low so no swapping happens, etc - I should be able to 
do this without recompiling.  

All the other sandbox-stuff I'm, happy with.  I'm running 0.8.4 on 
hyperreal and - for heterogeneity I'd like to see hotwired try 
it out before announcement, but hey, it wouldn't really be software if it 
didn't have bugs in it, and I'm comfortable at this point that we've made 
our best effort.

So, Rob will put 0.8.5 on hyperreal in the proper places, I'll work on 
documentation tonight, and let's announce tomorrow.


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