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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: mod_imap.c
Date Mon, 03 Jul 1995 23:33:31 GMT
On Mon, 3 Jul 1995, Randy Terbush wrote:
> Well, after some brain pounding, I actually have a working imagemap
> module for Shambhala.  This version does have one added feature that
> Brian's imagemap2 does not offer; you don't need a .imap file in
> every directory that uses imagemaps in order to do relative URLs.
> This is a big win in my setup since I include imagemap menus at the
> bottom of nearly every page.
> I accomplished this by relying on the Referer: header even after
> RST's caution.  Perhaps someone can figure out how to get this
> info in a more dependable fashion. I can't. :-)

Hmm... what exactly is it you're trying to accomplish again?  Let's say 
the map file is at the root level, has 
references to "Info/", "Products/", "PR/" and "Misc/", say.  If the 
imagemap script is accessed via a URL like


and 23,45 pointed to "PR/", then the imagemap2.c that I posted should 
take's directory and tack on "PR/".  You could put the 
following bit of html:

<A HREF="/"><IMG SRC="/toolbarimage.gif"></A>

on any page on the site, and the relative URL's are built from where 
/ is, not where the page referencing it was.

If you're saying that you have a bunch of directories with a bunch of 
common subdirectories that you want one map file to serve, then yes, I 
suppose you'd have to look at Referrer to get the context, since the 
Location: header returned has to be a full URI, not a relative one.  That 
seems rather specific - it could also be accomplished by having 
soft links to the imap file between directories.  *shrug*.

I think it's important to keep the functionality as solid and generic as 
possible... I named my tweak "imagemap2" because it's not a drop-in 
replacement for one.  


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