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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Stuff in my sandbox...
Date Mon, 31 Jul 1995 21:43:53 GMT
  So, Rob will put 0.8.5 on hyperreal in the proper places, I'll work on 
  documentation tonight, and let's announce tomorrow.

Hmmm... you don't want to test the actual distribution before releasing it?

Also, Cliff's bug report does worry me a bit; it's possible that this is
just the Netscape reload brain-death (if NetScape does a reload, it sends
both If-Modified-Since and Pragma: no-cache, and expects the latter to
negate the effect of the former.  With the current release, it probably
doesn't, so depending on what headers are passed along, the cache may get
a 304 reply which it wouldn't like very much.  This is *probably* easy to
fix, and I could toss it in easily).

On names... I *really* dislike AbsMaxServers, because (as I've said) just
having it there invites people to set it too low, and all too many of them
have shown that they will take up the invitation.  If you don't like
MaxClients, how about MaxConnections?  (What I want is for the name to
convey immediately, to someone who is too lazy to read anything else, that
setting this number too low will screw the server --- MaxServers looks too
much like things will run slower, but they'll still run).


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