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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Stuff in my sandbox...
Date Mon, 31 Jul 1995 21:18:21 GMT
Here's what's in my sandbox for the next Apache spin... I'm willing to
take stuff out, if people have gripes.  I'd like to produce a release
candidate very soon; I'm hoping (perhaps unreasonably, but it has been
a *while*) that the next thing I produce will be something we can all
try for 24 hours and then announce.

However, there is at least one thing that we may want to deal with
before the release about which I've done *nothing* yet, which is the
MaxClients/AbsMaxServers/whatever mess.  We have at least two active
candidate names for this thing (the two listed explicitly); I've heard
no reaction to the MaxClients idea yet.  At this point, I'm just as
happy to leave it for the inevitable bugfix release in a few weeks,
but I'm not sure *that's* the consensus either.  Sigh...

The only other minor thing hanging is a guy who posted on
c.i.w.s.u. saying he couldn't get the new version to run on OSF/1.  I
can (I tried it out on my friendly neighborhood alpha box), and I
suspect he just had it configured wrong, but it would be nice to be
sure.  However, if he doesn't answer my email, I'm comfortable going
ahead anyway...

Other notes on what's up --- I couldn't get Alexei's config-file patch
to apply cleanly, so I had to do it manually, with the result that the
text at the top of the files is still mine out of sheer laziness (I
can't see the difference).   

Anyway, the total list of changes in my private sandbox to date ---
I'm running with all of these (including logging with the configurable
log thing, to see if it screws me.  Heck, if it works on *hyperreal*
...).  If anyone objects to any of these, please yell NOW.

  *) More sample config file corrections; add extension to AddType for
     *.asis, move AddType generic description to its proper place, and
     fix miscellaneous typos. [ Alexei Kosut ]

  *) Deleted the *other* reference to the regents from the Berkeley
     legal disclaimer (everyplace).

  *) Added last-minute configurable log experiment, as optional module.

  *) Correctly set r->bytes_sent for HTTP/0.9 requests, so they get logged
     properly.  (One-line fix to http_protocol.c).

  *) Added patches to make it work on A/UX.  A/UX is *weird*.  [Eric Hagberg]

  *) IdentityCheck bugfix [Chuck Murcko].

  *) Nuked Shambhala name from src/README; had already cleaned it out
     of everywhere else.

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