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From (Florent Guillaume)
Subject Re: Stuff for 0.8.3...
Date Wed, 26 Jul 1995 12:27:17 GMT
First, a +1 on freezing and releasing something soon.

About the config files :

You'll also want a line with LanguagePriority (please adapt my English
if needed) in srm.conf-dist :

# LanguagePriority allows you to give precedence to some languages
# in case of a tie during content negotiation.
# Just list the languages in decreasing order of preference.

LanguagePriority en fr de

Also I'd recommend using a dot in
	AddLanguage en .en
which makes it clearer which is the language and which is the suffix.

Finally, maybe we could uncomment the lines
	#AddEncoding x-compress Z
	#AddEncoding x-gzip gz
because this has become really widspread now, and probably should be
in by default.



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