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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Stuff for 0.8.3...
Date Tue, 25 Jul 1995 09:07:50 GMT
What follows is what's in my current sandbox.  The only seriously
controversial item that I'm aware of is the no2slash business (the
directory_walk routine now finds PATH_INFO first, then makes a copy of
the filename and runs no2slash on that).  I want this fixed, at least
if the old code did it "right", and if I understand them correctly,
then Rob and Andrew (who originally reported it) want it as well, so I
count three in favor, which is why I fixed it.

If no one objects too strenuously, I'll put it on hyperreal later in
the day.


  *) Edited distribution README to *briefly* summarize installation
     procedures, and give a pointer to the INSTALL file in the src/

  *) Upgraded imagemap script in cgi-bin to 1.8 version from more
     recent NCSA distributions.

  *) Bug fix to previous bug fix --- if .htaccess file and <Directory>
     exist for the same directory, use both and don't segfault.  [Reported
     by David Robinson]

  *) Proper makefile dependencies [David Robinson]

  *) Note (re)starts in error log --- reported by Rob Hartill.

  *) Only call no2slash() after get_path_info() has been done, to
     preserve multiple slashes in the PATH_INFO [NCSA compatibility,
     reported by Andrew Wilson, though this one is probably a real bug]

  *) Fixed mod_imap.c --- relative paths with base_uri referer don't
     dump core when Referer is not supplied. [Randy Terbush]

  *) Lightly edited sample config files to refer people to our documentation
     instead of NCSA's, and to list Rob McCool as *original* author (also
     deleted his old, and no doubt non-functional email address).  Would be
     nice to have examples of new features...

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