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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: no2slash - apache 0.8.2
Date Mon, 24 Jul 1995 20:11:55 GMT
> >but I can't use PATH_INFO in the same way:
> >
> >   http://localhost/cgi-bin/my-prog/HTTP_REFERER=
> This isn't really an appropriate use of PATH_INFO, which is for a slash-
> separated heirachical structure. It's not for 'parameters', but for
> 'sub-resources' of your CGI script. 
>  David.

So just what is a sub-resource, and why can't it be generated dynamically
by action of passed (complex) parameters in the PATH_INFO?

If PATH_INFO's *only* meant to contain recognisable UNIX path/file
structures then my example should have been bounced, not mauled but then
allowed to proceed.  At any rate this isn't the way NCSA 1.3 behaves
and changing things will mean that people are gonna get b0rken scripts
popping out all over the place.

The issue seems to be 'correctness' v's 'NCSA compatibility', where
correctness, how PATH_INFO is derived from the URL, and how it is to then be
interpreted and used, has yet to be defined fully by anyone.

[saving my having missed something in the CGI protocol]

All this aside, no2slash, as it's presently employed still permits
adjacent '/' characters to be made part of the PATH_INFO.


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