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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Apache core dumps; .htaccess files
Date Mon, 24 Jul 1995 13:45:39 GMT
   Date: Mon, 24 Jul 95 17:44 BST
   From: (David Robinson)
   Precedence: bulk

   Apache 0.8.2 dumps core when I have a .htaccess file containing
   a single AddDescription command.

   The problem seems to be in merge_per_dir_configs and merge_core_dir_configs.
   (called from directory_walk)
   They use the .htaccess config as a base, overriding it with the config
   in the access.conf files. However, the .htaccess file might not contain
   config commands for a module (such as the core module), so the 'base' config
   is a NULL pointer.

...which couldn't happen until I changed the code to merge the
two per-dir configs (<Directory> and .htaccess), since the per-dir
defaults have a per-module structure for every module.  Good catch;
FITNR (today or tomorrow).


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