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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Apache 0.8.0 on hyperreal
Date Sun, 16 Jul 1995 17:24:55 GMT
I've built a candidate Apache 0.8.0 in the httpd/dist directory on
hyperreal.  This is the code I've been running over the weekend ---
I'd prefer to let it sit overnight, just on general principles, but
people seem to be going for an early release, so if there are
problems, we might as well find out sooner as later.

This has the superstructure of 0.7.2x, with my lastest shambhala
snapshot in the source directory; I also updated the README and
CHANGES files, and changed the liability disclaimer in the LICENSE
(though not yet in the copies elsewhere).  I hope, but can't
guarantee, that it builds out of the box.

As to the server code itself, the only change on top of what I
announced earlier is a draft config script --- it's not much, but it
does the job.


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