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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Compatibility...
Date Thu, 13 Jul 1995 09:45:34 GMT
Paul R:
   I wouldn't put NCSA compatibilty too high on the list. What will make
   people switch to  Apache is the fact that it's doing things right.

Maybe for you, and for a few people like you.  However, I suspect a
whole lot of people will be more interested in compatibility than in
anyone's strict notion of "correctness"...

So is there a desire for a -ncsa flag to be added to the server's
command line options?

	./httpd -f foo.conf -ncsa

	would be how the beast behaves now, warts and all...

	./httpd -f foo.conf

	would be the ONE TRUE WAY, and would bomb horribly if
	someone messed their config files up.

Does Shampache have this functionality?  Would you need to pass the -ncsa
to each module.  If the errant behaviour can be fixed by shifting the
relative positions of the modules (changing their priority I guess) would
the process which shifted these modules about need to be informed of the
-ncsa flag?  It sounds like knowing how behaviour is effected by which
module goes where is going to make this new server's configuration into
even more of a black art than NCSA's was.

Perhaps the modularity is too fine in some respects, if the cgi, alias and
userdir modules were merged then the way they interract could be better
controlled.  Yeah, I know, why don't we just wind it all up into one big
monolithic chunk of code, with global variables and stuff and call it NCSA
or something.



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