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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: mod_cgi nph bug fix
Date Wed, 12 Jul 1995 20:06:35 GMT
   Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 17:59:35 -0400 (EDT)
   From: Matthew Gray <>
   X-Sender: mkgray@bokonon
   Organization: net.Genesis
   Precedence: bulk

   I discovered that my previous patch only fixed half the problem.  I had a 
   script /cgi-bin/test which redirected to /cgi-bin/nph-test.  What would 
   happen was the first script would get execed, and it would get the 
   internal redirect.  It would then exec the nph script, which would 
   rapidly be killed (SIGTERM) by free_proc_chain, sending the user no 
   output.  This fixes it.  It does so by setting kill_how for the nph 
   children to kill_never.  Is there any problem with this?

Only one that I can see --- alloc.c never waits for kill_nevered
processes, so there is the chance that zombies might start piling up.
In my sandbox, this is (hopefully) fixed by adding a new kill
condition, just_wait, which is exactly like kill_never except that the
parent process *does* wait for the child.

   Patch is also available at
   along with the (new and less buggy) agent/referer log modules.

Thanks.  The pity is that these probably won't get the extensive
testing of some of the other stuff, because most of us hate the
feature, but I'll be happy to toss them into the next major spin.
Still, any chance you'll have time to toss in RefererIgnore?

(FWIW, my current plan is to take Saturday *off*, and spend Sunday
putting together a real Shambhala-based server distribution, with full
support directories, a few more optional modules --- these loggers,
Randy's imagemap module if it's in shape at that point, and Bambi's
config scripts if they look ready to go; if I get all that done, the
result will be called Apache 0.8.  There may be another Shambhala spin
in the meantime, just to incorporate the bug fixes that I've got over
the past few days).


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